- You believe in your idea, and now you want to get started!

With POWER UP you get 4 months of intensive business development, including:

  • 11 full workshop days
  • 2 half workshop days
  • Individual coaching


The goal is that you as a new entrepreneur develop your idea into a sustainable business and get a professional and personal competence boost.


The course is aimed at new entrepreneurs who work with products, processes or services in an innovative way focused on development. 

You can participate if you have had a CVR number between 0-1 years, but also if you have not yet established a CVR number, you simply have to have the ambition of starting own business.


POWER UP builds on Designandelens DesignIVÆRK courses. During the course we will analyse and map out your idea and your personal competencies, and help you create the best start for your new business.



Coordinator of Medstrøm activities in Spinderihallerne, Vejle.

Majbritt Chambers,

30 57 66 12, macha@vejle.dk

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