- You believe in your idea and want to get off to the best-possible start!

POWER UP 2.0 helps you to build your brand, whether it's lifestyle, interior design, accessories, fashion, the new Bülow licorice, sustainable concepts, or media production, from cookery and coffee-table books to photography and graphic design.


You get: 

  • 6 half-day workshops
  • 1 full-day Take-Off
  • individual sparring
  • practical knowledge and tools
  • access to a network of other start-ups and like-minded entrepreneurs

The goal is that you as a new entrepreneur develop your idea into a sustainable business and get a professional and personal competence boost.


Building on Designandelen’s DesignIVÆRK courses, we help you concretize your business idea and evaluate your personal and professional competencies, so that you get your new venture off to the best-possible start.


To qualify, you must have held a CVR number for less than one year, or have yet to apply for one.



Coordinator of Medstrøm activities in Spinderihallerne, Vejle.


Majbritt Chambers

30 57 66 12


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