Do you want to join POWER UP?


Application form and interview process


To join a course, you have to fill out an application. We screen all applicants through interviews to ensure the right mix of profiles on the teams and to make sure that Power Up is the right course for you.

You can download the form below - either in pdf or word format.


POWER UP - courses:


 Vejle, international course, start-up in February '17:


 - Application form, Vejle (pdf)


 - Application form, Vejle (word)


Information and contact: Anne Willadsen, 21 80 88 37,


Sydfyn, start-up in February '17 (only in danish):


 - Application form, Sydfyn (pdf)


- Application form, Sydfyn (word)


Information and contact: Katrine Damgaard, 30 17 44 51



If you are not quite sure whether you belong in TANKESTRØM, POWER UP, STRØMSTYRKE or HØJSPÆNDING - we will always be able to guide you to the course that best matches you and your business.







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