Many interesting entrepreneurs have already completed the Power Up course in Vejle, Kolding or on Funen.


They come from very different industries and are at different points in their development. The one thing they have in common is that they need competencies, network and advice in the development of their idea and business.


Here’s what some of them have to say about Power Up:


"Joining a Power Up Course has given me a lot of things. It's something I can / should / will go back to again and again, to keep challenging myself and developing my business even more."


"I've unfolded my idea completely - picked it apart and put it back together, as a strong pillar, in order to make my dream reality."


 "Being a part of the Power Up has given me confidence! Confident that I have something that I CAN make my livelihood! I've gotten a better understanding of how to run a business from the outside and in"


"Power Up has helped me define my product, my skills and my "gaps". It has brought me from idea to action, made me believe that I can do it and that there is a need for my business…"


 “It has made some things clearer, and helped me to make some important and difficult decisions. It has moved me both professionally and personally, and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate"


"For me, Power Up has given me insights into both myself and how to start my company. It has developed my idea, my presentation and my knowledge, and I feel that I have gotten more knowledge of what it takes to be successful with my business. I have expanded my network, which I am extremely pleased about!"


Astrid Madsen, Fåselvvæ has said...


Ditte Sorgenfrei, Børnehø has stated...


Mia Christina Broe Jakobsen, says...


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